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Fenfen is a versatile and experienced performer and educator. You can browse her profiles in acting, dancing, presenting, modelling and cultural education in this website.

"Thank you for all your work on the shoot; you did a splendid job and the rushes look excellent."
---Johnny Hardstaff, Director represented by Ridley Scott Associates

"The children were focused and paid attention during your session and many of them talked about the experience afterwards and completed pictures about what they have seen and enjoyed. The staff were delighted that aspects of your performance appealed to our most complex pupils because of the sensory element e.g. flowing material."
----Julie Roberts, Assistant Headteacher of Barlows Primary School

"It was really fun; it was lovely listening to all the facts about China; everyone single one us agreed that your lesson was the best; we reviewed the lesson how great we did and it was all because you are a great teacher. Please come again."
----Pipa, Year 6, Ysgol Hiraddug

"Your dance is mesmerising and breathtaking and it made me cry; you inspired me."